Gift Voucher

Gift certificate.
You and your friends just love water pleasures and sauna, enjoy spa sensations and massages and adore delicious a´la carte dishes!
The best chance to surprise and delight them is to give them an Aqva gift voucher!
Vouchers can be purchased for selected services and spa packages or for the suitable amount of money.
In order to obtain the card, just drop by at the Aqva Hotel reception or order it by mail from our sales department!
The receipt of an advance payment serves as the prerequisite for the issue of the card by mail.
Order the card from the sales department,
phone +372 326 0005, +372 326 0014 or e-mail:

You have a perfect possibility to purchase an Aqva gift voucher also in the office of the travel agency Wris Tours (in Tallinn, Pärnu, Jõhvi and Kuressaare) and Estravel (in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu).
Rules applicable to a gift voucher
1. The gift voucher can be made for an amount or for services;
2. The gift voucher can be used in any of the units of Aqva Hotel & Spa;
3. The gift voucher is not personal, it can be transmitted to third persons;
4. In case the sum of used services exceeds the value of the voucher, the owner of the voucher should pay for the difference. In case the cost of the selected services is less than the value of the voucher, the unused value will be forfeited;
5. The gift voucher is not exchangeable for cash and the services specified on the voucher are not exchangeable for other services;
6. Gift voucher is valid for 6 months.
7. The voucher that has expired cannot be used for settlements. Damaged or lost gift vouchers are not exchangeable for a new card or cash.

You are kindly asked to book the services on the gift vouchers in advance in the sales department, phoning +372 326 0005, +372 326 0014 or sending an e-mail to: