For water lovers, this is the most perfect method to stay fit. The mood during the session lasting for 45 min is maintained with the help of music. Depending on the character of the workout session special attention is paid either to enhancing aerobic capabilities or muscle building. Participation in the class is possible without any specific preparation, no good swimming skills or special training is required. In the end of each workout session easy stretch exercises are performed.  Water gymnastics  is gymnastic exercises done in the water, the pace of the workout is slower than in the water aerobics. The pace is set by the instructor but in water everybody can set their own tempo for performing exercises. Thus it is absolutely possible to perform exercises with the pace that seems suitable in the water aerobics.

Aqva aerobic/water gymnastics workout is emotional, grants a good physical load and consumes much energy. In order to achieve results (good feeling, building up of physical fitness, and more beautiful body) one must be persistent and exercise two times a week as a minimum. Those wishing to lower their weight should exercise at least  3x a week and revise his or her dietary habits.
Aqva aerobic /water gymnastics suits men and women in any age range.

A workout session lasts for 45 minutes. Circuit training that builds on the principles of interval training that incorporates all major muscle groups. Following an easy 10 minute warm-up exercises are performed. In the end of the workout session stretching exercises are performed.
The training group accommodates 12 persons and therefore advance booking is required, phone +372 326 0010

Your personal coach prepares a plan for workout in accordance with the aim of the client, the plan for workout in the fitness centre, demonstrates exercises and counsels on the appropriate diet.  The work-out lasts for 45 minutes. Please book in advance for personal work-out, phone +372 555 75 231

After the birth water is the most natural environment for the babies. During swimming baby learns sense of balance and direction, swimming enhances motoric movement and development of coordination. Swimming provides the newborn with the mobility and endurance required for the whole life and at the same time hardens the baby. The infant learns to dive, to pull to the surface, to float on the surface and to keep his or her breath under the water. All these abilities help the child to learn to swim but the latter is still possible only when the child is 3-4 years old and has the adequate preconditions.
What is it? This is a playlike activity of an infant in water that has to make him or her glad and cannot be too exhaustive. The aim is to harden the infant and to make use of her or his abilities that are fit for his her age. Exercises are carried out under the guidance of an instructor.

Will the infant who is swimming be any healthier? He or she suffers less from viral diseases that is extremely important in our climate zone. The children having been engaged in swimming in their babyhood are more mobile, their character is better balanced, they have good appetites and sleep well. Water massages skin and therefore the breathing of skin is improved and metabolism is activated. Swimming exercises give a boost to respiratory muscles, making the whole lung to work. And this in turn helps the respiratory system fight evil microbes.
What else should you know? The infant is in water together with the parent.
It is necessary to have a pool diaper that can be also bought from the receptionist of Aqva Hotel & Spa.


Information: +372 326 0010