Feet massage

Recommended in case of headache, insomnia, stress, cardiovascular complaints. Massage for the area up to the knee, intensity of massage is regulated in cooperation with the client. Massage lasting for 60 minutes includes massage of head, neck and shoulders.

Soothing Phytocean spa ritual for tired feet. Treatment for the health and beauty of your feet creating a real feeling of well-being giving an immediate relief. The treatment includes an unwinding treatment for neckline and hands and a special cooling gel for feet.

Main attention is paid to sole and leg area. Massage for tired feet with relaxing effect. Massage lasting for 60 minutes includes massage of head, neck and shoulders.

Thai foot massage is based on reflexology foot charts. It is possible to stimulate both human psyche as well as physical body through foot massage. Foot massage is suitable for preventive, therapeutic and regenerating purposes. Sole and leg area and knees are under the attention. Includes massage of head, neck and shoulders.

Relaxing and cooling foot massage. Special tool named Kansa Wand is used. The domed tool is made of Kansa, a sacred bronze recognized in India as a healing metal. The smooth metal heats up as it is massaged into the skin. Kansa foot massage relieves tired feet, improves blood and lymph circulation.


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