Swimitation sessions

SWIMITATION sessions are unique private water trainings and therapy sessions in Swimitation bath.

Suitable for everyone.

Swimitation vann.

Burn calories and improve endurance.

Swimitation vann.

Intensive endurance training.

Swimitation vann.

Effective yet gentle.
Swimitation vann.

Pilates shapes beautiful body. Improves strength and flexibility.
Swimitation vann.

MicroSilk® oxygen bath – new patented anti-aging water therapy. The oxygen bath renews your body, making you feel refreshed and younger.
Relaxing, pain relieving, boosts circulation.

Contraindications: fever, tuberculosis, hypertension, cardiovascular failure.
Microsilk hapnikuvann.

PS! You need swimming clothes for Swimitation session and you need to shower before the exercise.


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