Loyal Customer Card 2020



1. Water and Sauna Center visit prices and products - 10%

 (excl. swimming training, period cards, courses and events)


2. Prices and products for spa treatments - 10%


3. PARQALI resto & grill and Fresco menu - 10%


4. The current price of accommodation (discount does not apply to packages)


From January 1st to January 5th, 2019 and all year round on Fridays and Saturdays, public holidays and the day before them -10% Monday - Thursday -15% *


  • On national holidays and the day before national holiday which falls on a Sunday or weekday in 2020, ie 23.2; 24.2; 30.4, 22.6; 23.6; 24.6, 19.8; 20.8; 23.12: 24.12 (inclusive) The weekend discount applies -10%.



5.  Sunday to Monday accommodation super discount:


standard room € 73

XL room with balcony 89 €

superior room € 126

deluxe room € 142

accommodation for a child (up to 18 years) with an extra bed 18 €

standard family room with one door 143 € (2 adults and up to 4 children),

XL family room with connecting door € 167 (2 adults and up to 4 children),

Discount for suites -30%

Limited number of rooms available - one room can be booked per card.

* Sunday super discount does not apply on arrival: 5.1; 23.2; 19.4; 18.10 and 27.12. These Sundays offer a discount of -10%





1. Berlin Tavern, Rakvere city center -10%.


NB! All discounts apply upon presentation of a loyalty card before making a purchase or adding to a hotel room bill.


When booking a hotel room, it is necessary to immediately inform the loyal card number. The loyal customer card is personal. The Hotel has the right to cancel the Loyal Customer Card in case of violation of the Card Terms. Discounted products, promotional prices, and service discounts do not extend! The discount does not extend to gift card purchases and services purchased as a gift card.