Unique warm THERMO SPA equipped with a water/air mattress takes you floating on the turquoise seas. Your body is relieved of stress through weightlessness and pleasant warmth.

Floating in the warm cocoon your skin gets a boost from precious marine cocktails. You will enjoy body wrap. This is the time for positive thoughts and meditation. To wind up the treatment a mild moisturizing body lotion is applied to your body. You will enjoy improved tone. Your skin is smoother, silky and smells good.

You have the choice of the following treatments:

OCÉAN DREAMS moisturizing and refreshing body treatment - 30 min 35 €
A trimming marine cocktail with a cooling effect leaves your skin efficiently moistured and restores skin elasticity and tension. The simultaneous experience of warmth and toning refreshing marine breeze is really pleasant.

HYDRACÉA moisturizing marine caress - 30 min 35 €
A deep moisturizing treatment with a unique herbal coral extract and shea butter cocktail. A silky freshness for your body. The moisturizing effect comes promptly and lasts long.


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