Body Treatments

Enjoyable well-being trip with hydrating body scrub and massage. Includes no-rinse body scrub + body massage.
Products contain coconut powder, Zanzibar volcanic sand and virgin coconut oil.
Impact: moistened and soft skin; relaxation for body and mind.

The treatment includes cleansing, extraction of comedones if necessary, mud mask, cleansing by vapour steam, feet massage. In the end of the treatment moisturizing cream is applied to your back.

Localized anti-cellulite, sculpting treatment. Dry peeling with marine seaweed sponge, shaping massage and body wrap for problematic areas, scalp massage. In the end of the treatment anti-cellulite active gel is applied to problematic areas, moisturizing cream to other areas.

Shaping and firming treatment. Dry peeling with marine seaweed sponge, white clay body wrap, scalp massage, shaping massage for body. In the end of the treatment firming gel cream is applied to your body.

Compliments from the well-being universe. A perfect introduction into the body treatment realm. Oceathérmie method is combined with the luxurious body peeling rituals, moisturizing and sculpturing massage. Velvety skin with pleasant aroma grants you a good feeling.
The treatment begins with the Océathermie ritual. This is followed by a cleansing marine peeling with a light warming effect. The luxurious peeler containing active agents from French Polynesia delivers energy, toning and moisturizing skin. Sculpturing massage is relaxing and toning at the same time. Your skin is as soft and smooth as silk. Moisturizing lotion is pleasantly aromatic.

An efficient Phytocéane spa ritual reducing cellulite. The unwinding and soothing impact and unique Oceathérmie approach make the treatment extremely enjoyable. Necessary, useful and refreshing combined in one body treatment.
The treatment begins with the Océathermie ritual. It is followed by the cleansing marine peeling that lets you experience the magic power of seaweed. Then a luxurious wrap of marine champagne is applied to the areas causing cellulite concerns according to your wish. The gaily bubbling warm wrap is complemented by the unwinding scalp massage. Warm Wen-Fa towels renew your energy. In the end of the treatment slimming and trimming gel is applied to your skin.
The treatment should not be used in case of thyroid problems, and allergic response to algae, iodine and seafood.

Chocolate wrap provides a really luxurious feast for body and soul! Chocolate softens, nourishes, tones and moisturizes your skin. Aromatic moisturizing body treatment puts you into a wonderful mood.
The treatment starts off with a toning body peeling. This is followed by application of the silky luxurious chocolate wrap onto your body. You will also enjoy an unwinding scalp massage. Soft moisturizing body lotion applied in the end of the treatment enhances perfect well-being.

First, your skin is exfoliated, using pepper peeling in order to prepare it for treatment with rich active ingredients. It is followed by massage with sweet almond oil, the king of all spices, complemented with pepper oil. Then porcelain clay wrap is applied to problem areas, stimulating blood circulation, toning the skin and deeply cleansing, removing toxins from the skin surface. At the same time you can enjoy neckline and facial massage. For the finishing touches, soft and sensuous pepper cream is applied to your skin.

A wondrous treatment, cleansing and unwinding effect is achieved by a mixture of various essential oils, Dead Sea salts and Himalayan rock crumbs in warm linen bags. The treatment leaves the skin soft and velvety, resulting in a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation. This is an experience that engages your senses for a long time to come. Is perfect for fighting cellulite, blood circulation problems and stress.

Efficient peeling, moisturizing and relaxing treatment combined with massage. Efficient result is granted by unique active ingredients from French Polynesia, Oceania and Tahiti that are related to the ancient ayurveda medical wisdom. Massage helps body regeneration and tones your body. The magic power of oceans makes you feel good. Silky and aromatic skin is the natural proof to that.

Permanent Contour® is a combination of ancient orient methods and contemporary technologies. The Permanent Contour® massage set works out permanent soft steam, which is going through the herbal bags (alpine herbs, turmeric, ginger, patchouli, camphor and others).
By the use of herbs the steam is filled with useful substances, which influence positively on skin and human organism as whole. By this procedure the massage is carried on with the help of special herbal bags, which consist of 13 different herbs. Thanks to this circumstance the triple effect is achieved - massage, impact of herbs and pilling.
The herbal bags is used only once. You can choose face or body treatments. The face skin is cleaned before the treatments. At the end, special moisturizing cream is applied.
In the time of Permanent Contour® body treatments the hand massage is also used.

Terms of use the massage set:

  • relaxing and massage
  • the cure of cellulite and correction of figure
  • the cure of chronic fatigue syndrome and cachexia
  • the cure of joints
  • by aesthetic purposes

This luxurious anti-aging double exfoliation, replenishing full body treatment by Vie Collection provides complete resurfacing of the skin to help visibly diminish the signs of skin aging and remarkably improve skin’s quality. It provides immediate rejuvenating result in a non-invasive and non-irritating treatment.
The treatment has 4 phases. First a manual Micro D Scrub is used to buff the skin to smoothness in preparation for a full body application of a creamy lactic acid body peel. After a brief wrap and soothing shower (or warm wet towels), the body is anointed with a neutralizing balm and a nourishing, skin firming anti-aging body moisturizer-stimulator. Results are backed by scientific testing and have been shown to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and leave the skin toned and smooth.
This is a therapeutic corrective body treatment and as well a pampering treatment with a moisturizing and refreshing effect for thirsty, dry and demanding skin. A perfect preparation to achieve a beautiful and even tan.


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