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Privacy terms


AQVA Hotel & Spa protects the personal data of their customers. On that basis, these privacy conditions have been prepared to govern the processing of customers’ personal data related to the provision of AQVA Hotel & Spa services to customers.


When processing customers’ personal data, AQVA Hotel & Spa is governed by national and European Union legislation in force.


AQVA Hotel & Spa processes customers’ personal data as much as necessary and as little as possible for the purpose of providing services to individual customers.


AQVA Hotel & Spa collects customers’ personal data when contact data (including first and last name, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address) are submitted upon making a booking request via the website or making a booking by e-mail, telephone or other means.


AQVA Hotel & Spa uses the customers’ personal data collected, if necessary, among other things, to contact customers (for example, to change the booking time), to issue loyalty cards, to deliver newsletters and notifications if requested by the customer.


AQVA Hotel & Spa does not forward the customers’ personal data to third parties unless the obligation to provide data results from legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.


AQVA Hotel & Spa processes the customers’ depersonalized data (among others, age, gender, etc.) for the purpose of compiling statistics. AQVA Hotel & Spa also receives depersonalized data through “cookies” on the website.


AQVA Hotel & Spa implements organizational, physical and IT security measures to protect the customers’ personal data. AQVA Hotel & Spa customers’ personal data are processed only by authorized persons.


By using the AQVA Hotel & Spa website, the customer agrees to the collection of depersonalized data. By transferring their personal data to AQVA Hotel & Spa via the website to use the services of AQVA Hotel & Spa, the customer consents to the processing of their personal data by marking the appropriate box “I have read the privacy conditions of AQVA Hotel & Spa and I consent to the processing of personal data”.

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