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Water & Sauna centre

Water & Sauna centre

Six pools and eight saunas with relaxing sauna rituals allow you to enjoy sauna culture in an unforgettable way.

Water park


Morning swim
Mon-Fri 7-10

Water Park
Mon-Fri 9-22
Sat, Sun 8-22


The water park is rich in attractions and offers activities for both children and adults.  Swimming and bathing can be enjoyed in six swimming pools. The selection includes a wave pool with waterfalls, a counter-current swimming lane, a fun pool with several waterfalls and underwater massage options, an outdoor pool open all year round, a 25-metre sports pool with 6 lanes, a tube slide, two children’s pools and jacuzzies. For a more adventurous visit be sure to find the Black Hole tube slide with light effects.

The bar of the water park is a perfect place to relax after an intensive visit to the sauna and enjoy a cooling drink or relieve your hunger by choosing a snack to your liking from the bar’s food menu.


Price list

Wave pool with waterfalls

Counter-current swimming lane

Pool with several waterfalls and underwater massage options

Year round heated outdoor pool

25-meter 6 lane sports pool


Baby pool and kids pool

Tube slide with light effects

Sauna centre


Mon-Fri 10-22
Sat, Sun 8-22

Saunas are open
Mon-Thu 10-15 Finnish sauna +100 °C, Finnish sauna +75 °C, juniper sauna +50 °C, aroma steamroom +45 °C
Mon-Thu 15 -22 all saunas
Fri 10-22 all saunas
Sat, Sun 8-22 all saunas


The eight saunas of the sauna centre offer an opportunity to enjoy sauna culture at its best. The selection of saunas includes juniper sauna, aroma steam sauna, salt steam sauna, infrared sauna, sanarium and Finnish saunas with different temperatures.


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A relaxation sauna with lower heat. It soothes, cleanses and refreshes.

Finnish sauna

A hot sauna that has a positive effect on both body and mind.  It cleanses and rejuvenates.

Finnish sauna

A sauna with moderate heat. It reduces fatigue and clears the senses.

Finnish sauna

A medium heat sauna with automatic steam. It relaxes and energizes.

Salt steam sauna

Rubbing yourself with salt in the steam sauna acts as an exfoliating treatment, and when you leave the sauna, your skin feels silky. It improves the skin texture, tonus and elasticity.

Aroma steam sauna

The steam sauna improves the blood supply of the skin, reduces swelling and has a strengthening effect. The steam cleans the skin. The skin structure, tonus and elasticity improve. The aroma creates a relaxed mood.

Juniper sauna

The low heat and the pure aroma of juniper wood create an ideal combination for longer relaxation.

Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna works by transferring the energy of heat waves into the air.

A specially built sauna allows safe radiation to penetrate deep into the human body. The infrared sauna strengthens the body’s immune system.


Mon-Fri 7-22
Sat, Sun 8-22

Admission 1.5h €8 


Hotel customers can use the gym and participate in circuit training for free!

Cardio equipment and strength machines await you in the Aqva gym. The gym is equipped with high-quality equipment: back extension bench, lower abdomen bench, chest press bench, adjustable bench, abdominal bench, horizontal bench, biceps bench, cable column machine, chest trainer, back trainer, shoulder trainer, leg trainer, treadmill, cross trainer, stepper, exercise bike, rowing machine. The selection of dumbbells ranges from 1 kg to 36 kg.



From September 18th
AQVA water aerobics 8 €

This is the best way for water lovers to keep fit. The mood of the 45-minute class is enhanced by music. Depending on the nature of the exercise class, more attention is paid to improving aerobic capacity or muscle training. Participating in the class does not necessarily require special preparation, good swimming skills or special training. The class ends with light stretching exercises. Water aerobics is suitable for women and men of all ages.

Event times:

Mondays at 18:30

Wednesdays at 19:00

Thursdays at 18:30

Coach Merle Tammre

Swimming for babys 6 €

A game-like activity in the water that must bring them joy and not tire them too much. The aim is to strengthen the infant and use age-appropriate abilities. Swimming is done according to the instructor’s advice. After birth, water is the most natural environment for babies. Swimming teaches the baby the sense of balance and direction, contributes to the development of motor skills and coordination. Swimming provides the mobility and endurance necessary for life and strengthens them. The baby learns to dive, pull to the surface, sway on the water and hold the breath under water.

The baby is in the water with the parent. A water diaper is required, which can also be purchased from the Aqva Hotel & Spa receptionist.

Event times:

Mondays at 11 AM for children aged 0-1 year and at 12 PM for children aged 1-2 years – guided by Merle Tammre

Wednesdays at 11 AM for children aged 0-1 year and at 12 PM for children aged 1-2 years – guided by Ave Leola

Circuit gym training 8 €

Circuit training follows the principles of interval training and involves all major muscle groups. After a light warm-up, exercises are performed. Circuit training lasts 45 minutes and ends with a stretching session. The size of the training group is up to 12 people, advance booking is required. Phone +372 326 0010

Hotel customers can use the gym and participate in circuit training for free!

Event times:

Mondays at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM

Wednesdays at 6 PM and 7 PM

Fridays at 5:30 PM

Coach Rene Kuusik

Information ja bookings:

+ 372 326 0010 /

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