Content: A treatment combining Swedish massage with the shiatsu strokes, in cooperation of two massage therapists.
The treatment starts off with a dry massage, the therapist working effectively through your clothing, followed by treating and kneading your body with oil as well as stretching techniques from shiatsu.
Two therapists are able to increase the attention paid to your muscles considerably and the whole treatment is much more intensive thanks to it.
Therapists are more concentrated on your back and legs but you will experience a pleasurable massage from head to toe, back and front side.

Impact: Especially beneficial for weak muscles, facilitates deep relaxation and acts against insomnia.

It is said that having your hair combed by somebody is one of the greatest pleasures in life. We add caresses and strokes to this and the result is an unrivalled head massage.

Content: In the beginning of the treatment the client's hair is combed, after that the therapist drips grape seed oil on hair roots. Next face, pressure points in the head and also neck and shoulders are massaged. Finally, the therapist also kneads your hands. Treatment is completed by massage of the vertebral column in a sitting position.

Impact:  helps to alleviate several problems (muscle contraction headache, chronic migraine, anxiety, stress) improves blood circulation and facilitates hair growth.

Suitable also for would-be mothers.

According to ancient Eastern beliefs energy in human body flows through specific channels called meridian lines. Meridians have specific pressure points that affect certain organs. While in Chinese medicine needles are used for applying pressure to the points, shiatsu practitioners use fingers and palms to achieve this aim.

Content: Before the session the client is provided with loose clothing. During massage the therapist applies strong pressure using his or her fingers and palms all over the body (legs, arms, back, shoulders, head, and stomach), stretching and other massage techniques are also used.
Massage is firm (in cooperation with the practitioner also a milder form of therapy can be used), powerful and active. In shiatsu the practitioner uses also knees, legs and elbows to apply pressure. The massage therapist is actively engaged with the client's bodywork using various approaches.
During the 90-minute massage session the pressure points are additionally treated.

Impact: Shiatsu has a soothing impact on the sympathetic nervous system, it improves blood circulation and metabolism, eases stress symptoms, head and back pains, anxiety, depression, joint pains and tensions in the shoulder area. Shiatsu is a good option for people engaged in various sports for improving joint movement and stretching of muscle.

Note! After the shiatsu session you may experience symptoms of cold. By coughing and sputum discharge, your body is attempting to relieve itself of the residues with the help of stimulation created by shiatsu. You may experience tiredness (a person suffering from permanent nervous stress may feel the need to sleep and rest after relief from stress).
In addition, various pains may make themselves evident.

Traditional Filipino massage with banana leaves.
The ancient Filipino healing method is practiced for thousands of years. Characterized by slow deliberate strokes and removal of blockages or "Lamig". Banana leaves and Virgin coconut oil are key elements in this treatment. Recommended for individuals with upper back aches and stress related pains and anxiety.
Banana leaves are warmed, placed on skin, and they start to stick to the area where negative energy is concentrated.

This massage helps you overcome physical stress and is beneficial for your soul and body. With the use of massage candles it is transformed into a unique pampering body treatment experience.
Warm coconut oil, essential oils and natural waxes present in the wax of melted massage candles soften and moisturize skin luxuriously.  Special combinations of various plant extracts and essential oils allow creating different impacts - balancing, soothing or activating.

Massage is based on the Hawaii Bodyworks technique, balancing the harmony of your body and soul. It also ensures pleasant unwinding sensation and suppresses stress hormones creating harmony in your body.

Massage with hot lava stones has a deep-relaxing impact, restoring the energy resources of your body. The energy, warmth and massage of mineral stones pamper your body and soul.

Massage is based on the Hawaii Bodyworks technique, balancing the harmony of your body and soul. It also ensures pleasant unwinding sensation and suppresses stress hormones creating harmony in your body. You will be able to select the aroma oils depending on your mood and preferences.

Perfect moments for easing tension in the back and shoulders. A thorough massage for shoulders, back and hands. A velvety avocado lotion having an especially strong softening and moisturizing effect on your skin is used for massage.

Swedish massage merges a variety of massage techniques specifically designed to relax muscles. Massage techniques include thrusts, kneading, various light strokes ( tapping), vibration, shaking and other motions. Massage reduces stress, both emotional and physical.

A sound and straight back has a direct impact on our spirits and well-being. In order to get the best results one spa therapy combines warming up of the body, removal of back strains while floating in Thermo Spa and an efficient massage lasting for half an hour. Spa therapy in the name of a sound back helps in case of strains and problems of the neck and shoulder area and lower back.

First you'll enjoy an efficient massage of your back area for 30 minutes. The hands of an experienced massage therapist carefully treat the back area needing the most of attention. Then you are going to relax in the state of weightlessness on the comfy warm water/air mattress in Thermo Spa. Your body and back are relieved of stress. Warmth helps to improve blood circulation and boosts your body with oxygen. Your back feels straighter and at ease, muscle strain has decreased.

Therapeutic massage with deep and relaxing impact. The intensity of the massage is regulated in cooperation with the client: either deep, vigorous or mild. Shanghai massage is suitable in case the client suffers from complaints concerning shoulders, back and feet. It affects your energy field, soothes, relaxes, prevents and reduces stress. Balances body and soul, cleanses the body of negative energy.

Thai massage is a serene massage performed in the pace of breathing, improving muscle elasticity, the mobility of joints and relieving mental stress. Yoga stretching methods, yoga breathing techniques and meditation are used. Each pressure lasts for the period of exhalation. The massage therapist uses the weight of his or her own body. Massage session is carried out on a mat, wearing loose clothes (please wear sportive clothes).  

Thai massage is suitable: in case of muscle tensions, for improving mobility of joints, increasing flexibility, improving lymph and blood circulation, improving operation of internal organs, enhancing muscle elasticity, soothing massage has an effect on the energy field. 

Thai massage is not suitable: in case of infectious and chronic skin disease, inflammation of joints and tendons and inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, traumas - fractures, traumas of muscles, sprains, artificial joints, osteoporosis, cancer, fever, varicose veins, risk of blood clots, pregnancy, as well as in case the client is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

In case of any chronic or acute diseases you are recommended to consult a doctor. At least one year from back surgery and at least two years from abdominal surgery must have passed.

Bamboo massage has a relaxing, soothing, fluid-extracting and regenerating effect. Bamboo massage is a well-being treatment suiting both men (especially sportsmen as the procedure has soothing and unwinding properties, helping to alleviate neuromuscular complaints) and women (especially in the lesions of swollen or fibrous cellulite, having reactive and fluid-extracting properties). Lymph drainage is combined with the best properties of reflexology stimulating blood and lymph circulation and creating an elevating sense of well-being.

The Thai herbal compress technique offers several potential health benefits: It induces deep relaxation, relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional and physical well-being, assists alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.

Whole body massage using a massage gel with honey-like consistency. The gel with beeswax and coconut oil soothes, nourishes and tones the skin and thanks to natural cocoa, restores the healthy glow of the skin. Chocolate massage is a truly relaxing experience that leaves your skin with a pleasurable aroma.

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