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Gift card

Gift card

Aqva Spa gift card is the best gift for a person who loves spa experiences, water pleasures and sauna, and enjoys relaxing massages and good food!

Gift card

Minimum amount 25€

If you wish to buy a gift card for a friend, please enter their details in the form below.


Gift cards can be purchased for an amount of money that suits you.

The pre-payment is required for the card to be sent by mail. When ordering the gift card by mail, an additional fee of €7.90 is added for sending it by a registered letter.

Order the card by phone of the sales department +372 326 0005 or
by e-mail:

Aqva gift cards can also be purchased from Wris offices in Tallinn and Jõhvi, Estravel offices in Tallinn (Suur-Karja office), Pärnu (Kuninga street office) and Tartu (Vallikraavi street office). Gift cards of €50 and €100 are available.

About gift card


1. The gift card is issued for an amount. The minimum value is €25.
2. The gift card can be used in all units of Aqva Hotel & Spa.
3. The gift card is not personal, it can be forwarded to third parties.
4. If the amount of consumed services exceeds the value of the gift card, the holder of the card will pay the difference. If the cost of the selected service is less than the value of the crad, the unused balance will not be paid out in cash. The gift card does not have to be used at once, it can be used repeatedly during the validity period, as long as there are funds.
5. The gift crad cannot be exchanged for cash.
6. The gift card is valid for six months.
7.  The gift card is valid as a means of payment only for services booked directly through the hotel, it cannot be used for billing for services booked through online booking systems or distributors.
8. A gift card cannot be used to buy a new gift card.
9. An expired crad cannot be used for billing. The card will be cancelled. A damaged or lost gift crad cannot be exchanged for a new crad or cash.


We would ask you to book the services (spa treatments, accommodation, packages) for which you would like to pay by a gift card in advance via the hotel’s sales department by phoning Mon-Fri 9-17 +372 326 0005 or by e-mail:

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