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Spa etiquette

It is our aim to offer you an enjoyable vacation with family and friends or a relaxing break during a business trip. To have a pleasant stay and rest well, please read the spa etiquette below.

–  Before you come to the spa treatments, we recommend you to take a shower, visit the water park or saunas – so that the treatments and massages work on your body and skin more effectively.
– Arrive for the treatment 5 -10 minutes early so you can tune into the upcoming experience.
–  Should you be late for the treatment, the service period is not prolonged out of courtesy to other visitors. Neither is the undelivered service or a part thereof remunerated.
– Please be aware that the treatment will be automatically cancelled when you do not arrived within 15 minutes of the appointed time.
–  During the treatment we do our best to take care of your comfort and privacy.  Spa receptionists are ready to answer any questions about clothing recommended during the treatment.
– If you want to cancel or change the appointment, please call the spa receptionist at +372 326 0015.
–  Please be aware that  it is not recommended to visit the spa, water park or saunas immediately after you have dyed or permed you hair.
–  Please respect other guests’ wish to rest and relax at the spa centre and turn off your mobile phone.
–  The spa attendant will inform you before the treatment what products they use and what is the effect of the specific treatment
–   Please notify the spa attendant before the start of the treatment if you have any health problems (eg chronic illnesses, allergies) or health conditions (eg pregnancy) that we should be aware of.
–  Please know that you are offered professional spa services and spa treatments.
–  Be aware that you should keep your voice down at the spa.
–  Be considerate to other spa visitors while staying in the public areas of the spa.
–  When visiting the spa with children, please know that the spa etiquette also applies to children.
–  Do not arrive at the treatment while intoxicated! In such a case, the attendant has the right to refuse to service you and cancel the pre-booked and paid service without refund.
–  Relax after the treatment, but know that the same room must be prepared for the next customer, so you should leave the room within a reasonable period of time.
–  Based on your experience and satisfaction, you may leave a tip in the envelope with your attendant’s name at the spa reception.
– Please give your honest feedback about your spa experience to the spa attendant, receptionist or spa manager.

Welcome to the discovery tour to the world seas and far-away countries through sensory pleasures at the Emeraude Spa and Alessandro Spa!


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